Technology and work related stress

Dr Lane and her colleagues are eager for the public to take better action to counteract the effects of stress. Providing, and signposting to, support mechanisms, for example a counselling service, employee assistance programme or charities.

A detailed questionnaire of around IT and BPO employees including their personal details, stress score by Holmes and Rahe to assess the level of stress and master health checkup profile were taken and the results were analysed.

Action by employers The Dublin County Stress Clinic recently held a conference aimed at making employers recognise the damage that occupational stress can cause. Few things are more frustrating than being awakened in the middle of the night by an unimportant text message.

Regular exercise Taking regular exercise is also important, and not only because a healthy body aids a healthy mind. Some critics of flexible working argue that it detriments team work. When you are out, find a colleague who can handle the request in your absence so things move along and you are not tied to email on holiday.

To reduce workplace stress: The second, most important, stage is to learn how to regain control of your body during these episodes. In this environment, 74 percent of respondents believe that meeting technology should be taken more seriously.

Health problems and stress in Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing employees

Thirty-five France Telecom employees killed themselves in andand according to Gigaom, several left notes implicating work stress in their demise. The little euphoria of a successful jog or work-out can counteract many of the effects of stress.

Similarly, the stereotype suggesting that children today prefer technology to real life social interaction was snubbed by the study. Try to go to sleep and wake up around the same time every day, even on weekends. Realize when you have a problem, and make a practice of not being a slave to your devices.

A good night's sleep can also be protective. December 27, Work-Related Stress and Reduce - Although this combination of symptoms does typically turn out to be due to stress, it is wise to check for other causes first.

The Internet filled with rumors that Li Yuan had been worked to death. If another person in their family becomes sick this can unravel the whole situation. That's a choice people can make but, for me, it only perpetuates the culture and guarantees that your time off will not be your own.

Reminding employees of available help, including personal counselling schemes, and how to access them. If stress is left to become a chronic problem, it can literally be a matter of life and death.

Training aimed at building personal resilience such as coping techniques, cognitive behaviour therapy, positive psychology courses. To study the demographic profile of the employees. This leads to the situation you describe, in which you increasingly anticipate the next attack coming.

Simply having the technology to allow you to work flexibly doesn't necessarily reduce stress levels. Thus in this study diurnal bruxism was considered since this habit could be related to stress at work. A unique subset of population is that of information technology (IT) professionals and presently they are an important workforce both in developed [ 13, 14 ] and developing countries.

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Free Essay: Technology and Its Impact on Work-Related Stress Trends in organizational behavior have an impact on employees. Many factors in our daily lives. cites a study revealing that more than 50 percent of employees spend 12 hours per day on work-related activities, and just as many skip lunch because of job-related stress.

If you find. Work-related stress is a pattern of physiological, emotional, cognitive and behavioural reactions to some extremely taxing aspects of work content, work organization and work environment. Technology is impacting workplace stress in many ways, and not all that stress is bad.

1 Can Technology Relieve Stress at Work? Computer Related Stress. F or the first time, work-related stress anxiety or depression accounts for over half of all working days lost due to ill health in Great Britain. In total, million working days were lost in.

Technology and work related stress
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