Sports day in primary school

Drill of dumb bells was done by class IV students followed by, relay race and tug of war by the same class. The Constellation Athletics Tournament a. Stopwatches etc were left by each post, with a clipboard detailing what times got how many points.

A bigger more dramatic drum roll please After Tuesday everybody will back to zero points so start getting ready for next year. Enjoy your summer holiday everybody. It has been a brilliant week of sport and Year 5 and 6 did not disappoint us, as they ensured that we ended with quite probably the best day of competition.

There is also the potato sack race. It was always a real fun atmosphere, and even the unsportiest kids enjoyed it. The students were given the medals accordingly. Voltarol relieves pain at its source and reduces inflammation, which speeds up recovery — so you can enjoy moving again.

Annual Sports Day Celebrated by classes III to V

The children are rewarded with stickers and certificates. A tiny margin considering the competition has been going all year and the winning number of points was. Why not bring in some brilliant female sporting role models to show the children just how amazing women are at sport.

Fil joined us from Inspired Through Sport. For high jump, everyone had a go at 2 points, then the bar went up and they jumped again to try for more points. They'd even cheer other forms coming past on m. Children are time-tabled for 2 hours of PE every week.

Within lessons taught by the specialist PE teacher and the Sports Coach, behaviour is excellent, pupils are engaged and have a good level of understanding and skill. Share via Email An egg-and-spoon race in Malvern. With the sprints, there might be time for some to have a second go, and it would often be those who'd just missed 3 points, rather than the best.

Why should a primary school separate girls and boys for sports day?

Football Throw For a football throw, hula hoops are strung up at different height and distance levels from where the teams are standing. On the day itself, divide your teams in the best way to make it a close contest. Thursday 14th July Year 3 and 4 Sports Day today and again every single child put in a huge effort to make the day brilliant.

Races There are a variety of races that are popular with sports days. Thanet Passport Report can be found on this website In September a new house system was introduced and this has led to inter house sports competition for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. The children who stood first were given medals.

Sports Day 2017

Cygnus won with points, Hercules were 2nd with points, Orion were 3rd with points and Pegasus were 4th with points.

If it is caught, the student takes a step backward and then tosses it back to their partner. Later a melodious song was sung by a group of students and then an entertaining umbrella dance by class IV students was performed. The PE curriculum is broad and balanced.

School sports day should be about fun.

Sports Day

Each hula hoop is assigned a different points value. Running races while bouncing a tennis ball on a racquet, dribbling a football through cones while blindfolded or flinging a welly might not be Olympic disciplines but will go down a storm at your event.

Sports Day. We hope you will be able to join us from pm on Wednesday 24th June for our annual Sports Day. Please see the plan of the pitch below. Sports Day – Nursery and Primary Posted by cliodhna on 02/07/ Congratulations to all – children and parents – who ran, jumped, balanced and tumbled for sports day and indeed World Sports Day.

The very best in sports equipment from the leading sports retailer in Ireland. The much awaited Annual Sports Day was held on Saturday 25th march ,at the Mbaraki Sports thesanfranista.comts of classes 1 to 8 competed House -wise in events including sprints, sack races, obstacle races and balloon bursting.

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Sports day in primary school
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